Southern Style Bluegrass Band
B   L   U   E   G   R   A   S   S      B   A   N   D

The members of Southern Style Bluegrass Band are:

  • Rick Kirkland (Dobro)
  • Pauline Eklund (Guitar)
  • Eric Corgey (Banjo)
  • Darryl O’Bryant (Fiddle)
  • Jonathan Samuell (Bass)
  • Arvin Holland (Mandolin)

They are residents of the South Houston area.

Southern Style Bluegrass Band

The band was established from guys that have been jamming together over the years. The band members are active in the Bay Area Bluegrass Association (BABA) and enjoy contributing their time and talents to local charitable organizations. Their music styles vary from traditional bluegrass, progressive bluegrass, gospel and country bluegrass. Go to our contact page for booking arrangements.